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Submitted By:aresII
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:*** (3.06)

Why is K like a sunrise?
Why is L like a warm furnace?
Why is M a favorite with miners?
Why is N like a pig?
Why is O the only of five vowels that you can hear?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by nidhogg05/01/08
Didn't get some of these. But OK teaser.

Posted by bradon18200105/24/08
This is one of the impossible teasers. No way to get it unless you have seen this before. Thanks for posting, it was fun to read. :o

Posted by DelixDude05/24/08
really hard, i likey!!! Great to have a challenge and of course i wouldve never of gotten it, clever, thanks!! 8)

Posted by guy_4u05/24/08
Great Teaser, but did not get it. Nice creation.

Posted by craniac05/24/08
Sorry to differ, but I find this teaser pretty lame. As someone above says, no way to get it unless you've seen it before. Even then, the answers are pretty lame in themselves.

Posted by doehead05/24/08
This by far the worst so called teaser to ever be published. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by pMad05/24/08
This is one of the worst teasers ever. 1. Is clever. 5. Is also clever. But 2,3,4 are extremely weak.

Posted by avonma05/24/08
I didn't get any of them. But, very creative in retrospect. :)

Posted by jcann05/24/08
I think these are really neat! I didn't get any of them because I was trying to compare the letters themselves to the objects in the clues. Perhaps a hint would have helped, such as: you need to add these leters to words. But I enjoyed the teaser anyway after I read the answers. I love playing with words! :D

Posted by jcann05/24/08
Oops--I meant letters. Thought I'd better correct my typo or someone will comment on my spelling.

Posted by bookwrmKP05/24/08
I liked this, and found it very clever. BUT, like above posts, it would have been very hard to actually figure it out. Maybe a hint.... Still, very cute. Don't listen to the people who said you did a bad job. :D

Posted by happyhak05/24/08
Not a very good teaser...soz. Maybe you should try another one. Good luck next time

Posted by Life_Sucks05/24/08
i hated this teaser. there is no way to figure out the answer, and it was too abstract. funny that when i have these kinds of teasers they are rejected.

Posted by MyLove4Life05/24/08
I'm sorry so many people dislike this teaser. It was hard, true, but it was done well. I like the way it was set up. 8)

Posted by dutchymonster05/24/08
Well I thought it was brilliant, I particularly liked 1 & 5, but the rest were good too, and no, I wouldn't have got it in a million years! :roll: :wink:

Posted by vg67405/24/08
Impossible, but witty. I need an impossible problem every once in a while.

Posted by SydneyBlake00805/24/08
Super hard (I didn't get any of them)...but a great idea. It makes sense once you read the answers...but I can clearly see why people are frustrated. It's a tough teaser. :)

Posted by Marianogf77705/24/08
One of my favourites!! Perhaps it was too hard to do without any sort of hint, but it was different and enjoyable. :D:D:D

Posted by angelawrence9405/24/08
Very fun, but next time, I would add a hint. Very, very difficult!!! Clever, though! I hope you make more!

Posted by hipeople05/24/08
that was a gud one

Posted by dogzrok05/24/08
Great teaser. Difficult yet fun. As someone else said, maybe next time a hint might be well used...

Posted by kauphi197605/24/08
glad i gave up early.. wouldnt have figured out the answers anyways. An example would have been useful

Posted by mi2mo2tx05/24/08
A Stretch at best... sorry.

Posted by J-Mac05/24/08
I really didn't like this one - I agree that it was difficult only because it had no real logic or strategy-based solution. When I finally looked at the answer I was at first a little confused, thinking that I had missed something. Based on other responses I guess I didn't. :)

Posted by harrypotter444405/24/08
I Think this one is brilliant!!

Posted by warriorsrule9505/25/08
i don't get it :(

Posted by auntiesis05/25/08
Too hard for me. Would have tried harder if there were an example or a hint. 8)

Posted by scallio06/03/08
After reading the answers, I could see how clever this was, but I really had not a chance of solving it before reading the answer. Very clever answers, but requires an example in the body of the teaser because it is so unique. If you came up with this one, then KUDOS! :D

Posted by seanlandrews08/21/08
I didn't get any of these, but I really liked it. :D

Posted by SEPTILLIONGOLDS03/06/09
wow that was a great teaser!

Posted by calmsavior10/18/09
In a way, this teaser is better suited as a Situation teaser, as it would be better if one person knew the answer and could give hints to a group of people solving for it.

Posted by Marple01/24/11
Sorry but I didn't like this. It was totally illogical and weird. :cry:

Posted by Jayo05/24/11
Well 5/5 for fun and 10/5 for difficulty!! Enjoyed them but yeah I had no chance at all ha!

Posted by GreenApples2705/24/11
Wow, that is really clever! I loved the K one. :)

Posted by Valic405/24/11
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL creations! Very difficult and VERY well done!!!

Posted by sunnybonghits05/24/11
I don't see how anyone could get any of these without some kind of example. Overall, I liked the answers, though, so I think I would have liked it better if it was doable. Cheers. :)


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