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Murder at Brainteaser Mansion #3

Submitted By:Mystery-King
Fun:**** (3.25)
Difficulty:*** (2.51)

Five guests, Mr. Rose, Ms. Tulip, Sir Daisy, Lord Pansy and Miss Lily, were all invited to an exclusive party at Brainteaser Mansion. However, during the long, dark night, the owner of the spectacular mansion, Mr. Death, was found dead in his office. The trouble is, every member of the party went into his office, each at a different time, with a different weapon, motive and clue that incriminated them. From their statements below, can you work out who killed him?

Mr. Rose's statement: "I didn't do it. I never left a footprint because a woman did. I entered the room before the person who took in the poison. I must say though, she was in there for a quarter of an hour before someone else went in!"

Ms. Tulip's statement: "Okay, I admit it! I took in the revolver, even though my motive wasn't revenge. A man entered the room after me and his motive was either rage or blackmail."

Sir Daisy's statement: "All I know is, I did leave a fingerprint, but that doesn't explain why Miss Lily lost a hair, does it? Oh yes! The person who entered seventy minutes before me took in the lead pole."

Lord Pansy's statement: "I entered after a woman, who did not take in rope because the last person to visit him did. I was in there for more than thirty-five minutes confronting Mr. Death with my motive, which, may I say, wasn't greed or blackmail."

Miss Lily's statement: "Yes, you caught me! My motive was jealousy, but it wasn't as bad as that man's blackmail motive, who entered at five minutes past nine. I entered before another man who left the incriminating clue of the blood drop."

The person who entered the room at half past ten is the real killer. Who did it?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by NDYApeacock05/10/08
That was fun! But I don't understand how the 70 minutes thing works....anyone care to explain? :-?

Posted by NDYApeacock05/10/08
I still got the answer correct tho! Good teaser!

Posted by kunju05/11/08
it takes along time to understand but it is good 8) 8)

Posted by chaskey05/11/08
Too many ambiguities resulting from poor syntax spoiled my enjoyment of this otherwise good teaser.

Posted by justabitcrazee05/11/08
finally, something somewhat challenging! Great job.

Posted by Yankeejimg05/12/08
Thanks. That was great. I had to do it several times before I finally got it straight. Clues were brilliant. :roll: :wink:

Posted by gracieboo05/12/08
Great one! I had to start over once because some of my answers didn't work the first time. Don't know what I did wrong but I got it the second time. GOOD JOB! :o

Posted by chakki05/13/08
a good exersice 4 my lazyyyy brain :lol: 8) :roll: :wink: :evil:

Posted by phrebh05/14/08
The real answer to the teaser (who was the killer) was found out by the middle of the second clue. The LG was fun, though. :)

Posted by luckypuppy05/15/08
easy and a little strangely written, but a good logic puzzle nevertheless.

Posted by V_Bapat05/16/08
Good one. I got in the second attempt. To understand 70 minute clue, check the time difference. :lol:

Posted by dcf52505/21/08
Thanks! Great mental exercise!

Posted by Winner460005/27/08
Like phrebh said, you could figure it out without finishing the entire grid... but it was fun anyway! Thanks for an interesting story! :D

Posted by mocha61305/29/08
I enjoyed the twist to the clues, although I found it pretty easy. When I got to the end, all I had to do was look up the either clue, and it was done :D But great work, very enjoyable. Thank you for your efforts!

Posted by june1206/04/08
this one was to hard i'm have to come back to it at another time :oops:

Posted by dswilborn06/16/08
I got the answers right. What I don't understand is how someone would be confronting Mr. Death after he had been killed by poison... unless it's a really slow acting poison.

Posted by locomom07/08/08
This was FUN. :lol: Thanks. :D

Posted by friesaregood07/13/08
Haha, I LOVED how that one was written. It was pretty easy for me, I only had to go through the clues once, but I love how you twisted it like that. At first, I had to check the teaser section to make sure I wasn't taking a Mystery teaser! :lol:

Posted by friesaregood07/13/08
Oh, and after reading a few of the weapons, I thought you were going to go with the game Clue (Revolver, Rope, Candlestick, Lead Pipe, and...and... I'm SURE there was another one!). :lol:

Posted by trickster200509/22/08
fun but easy cleary based CLUE but I like the game so I had a connection :D

Posted by trewq08/17/09
i thought it was very easy, but the wording could use a little work in some of the clues. Pronouns get confusing when you're not sure what the antecedents are.. :P :oops: Easy and fun overall :D :lol:

Posted by mickeymouse01112/19/09
Cool teaser! Its fun! :D :P

Posted by omas12/21/09
I think it is incomplete and poorly worded as this puzzle can not be solved without using the grid solver, coz I was trying to do so. There is no mention of 'dagger' and 'note' at all in testimonials and I was desperately looking for 5th murder weapon and 5th clue. Also, one other logic that does not follow in the puzzle is - when the 2nd person entering the room killed the person, why other persons entering after her spent so much time alone with the dead body without alarming or informing the authorities!!

Posted by Mystery-King12/29/09
I'm sorry you feel that way. But this is the logic grid section! :wink: What did you expect. Anyways, it coulda been slow-acting poison! :) Lighten up. This puzzle is only for fun! :D

Posted by andmovies08/20/10
I dont see the logic that sets Miss Lily's entrance at 10:30. Is the whole puzzle still there?

Posted by chandler77303/01/11
Great job! Enjoyed the murder mystery stile of it. Just the right level of clues - not too hard but not too easy. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by princess200703/15/11
I thought this was fun! and people, PLEASE only comment if u have something nice to say or if u want to offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism! Some of u are just plain mean.

Posted by Darkmagician9204/09/11
thanks, a very gud puzzle indeed :)

Posted by JoshuaXD06/28/12
These are clarifications of the wording, not really spoilers or hints. You need to open the "Grid Solver" chart to see the times and all the items, because the clues don't mention them all. In clue 1 - The wording is unclear about whether the person who "was in there for a quarter of an hour" refers to the woman who left a footprint or to the person who took the poison. It refers to the poisoner. In clue 4 - The wording is unclear (at least to me) whether "last person" refers to the person previous to the speaker, or the final person overall. It refers to the final person.

Posted by Obilio02/13/13
I had fun with this, and had no problem with the wording at all. You just had to assume that everyone was telling the truth, not really a given in this kind of puzzle :) , maybe a mention of that in the intro? Like: " Stern Det. Panther would brook no evasion in this matter, so the suspects testimonies were as follows:" One more thing please, you've already written three more puzzles than I have, so you're way ahead of me there, I just did #s 1 and 2 first, because I thought I would need the answers to do #3. That is the way same title numbered puzzles work in magazines. Thanks for your work, and it was clever and fun!

Posted by ebarrera102/19/13
Hey....I read this one over and over and didn't read the word "dagger" once...Imagine my surprise when it comes out in the answer...what happened...

Posted by D_Angel702/21/15
Thank you JoshuaXD. Its my first time here so I did not know you need to use the 'Grid Solver'. As you said, without it its hard to solve, as clues are missing and you have to make your own timeline. You are also right about the unclear wording as it makes you doubt what it means, but I think this is alright as for me this is the thrilling part in solving it.

Posted by LanceAlot09/22/15
This concept is genius :D

Posted by danielj207/08/17
I gave up after 3 times of trying to understand the ambiguity of it all. :cry: :roll:


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