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What's In A Name?

Submitted By:aresII
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:*** (2.79)

This puzzle is based on a well-known one by Lewis Carroll.

A number of passengers from a sinking ship landed from their boat on a small island, where they had to remain for some months before being rescued. They were a mixed group who now needed to co-exist. One man amused himself by giving the others new names, which he said were appropriate nicknames, but would not disclose any more. Thus, a man who spent his time rambling about the island he called ANDREW, a guy who robbed a fellow passenger he called DENNIS, a friend of his who had written ten words for a song he called CYRIL, a botanist who was particularly interested in the cone-bearing trees on the island he named CHARLES, and an eccentric man who had a mad theory that a building used for storing grain should be painted a bright vermilion he insisted on calling BERNARD. There was one more man with them who was known to have wounded his mother by accidentally firing a gun at her.

What name did he give this man?

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