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Strung Together With a Line

Submitted By:bookwrmKP
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Difficulty:*** (2.47)

We two are strung together with a line,
Stuck behind bars but have done no crime.
Our whole is a fraction of something much bigger,
But we are extremely important, as one might figure.


Two eighth or sixteenth notes.

We two are strung together with a line > Eighth or sixteenth notes are often tied together with a bar.
Stuck behind bars but have done no crime > The bars of the staff.
Our whole is a fraction of something much bigger > A whole note.
But we are extremely important, as one might figure > All notes are important for composing music.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by xdbtcp07/15/08
Good one - I guessed lungs... :oops:

Posted by chris_tracy7607/16/08
belt would work too...good one though

Posted by rt181907/17/08
Awesome teaser! Great job. :D

Posted by puppylover1139607/17/08
Ooh nice lungs totally would have worked! Wow! :D

Posted by jarmihi07/18/08
That's interesting. I never thought of it that way. I usually just play the music. If I think about it, I screw up.

Posted by eighsse08/20/13
I said kidneys. Behind bars = ribs. Music notes important? I guess, subjectively. But try composing music without kidneys! Kidding. But hey, I also like how "behind bars" could mean as well that you can hear "bars" of music without seeing the notes that are "behind" it (meaning connotatively that the music is composed of them, that they cause it to exist).

Posted by Babe02/05/14
This is not a good teaser. If you do not know anything about music you can guess forever and not get it. Poor choice! :( :roll:

Posted by cutebug02/05/14
Since I'm not a music person, I was completely out of the ballpark. :-? :-?

Posted by elentir02/05/14
I'm not sure this should include sixteenth notes as they are strung together with two lines and then you are going to have to continue on to include 32nd notes, 64th notes, etc...

Posted by Maggiethe8th02/05/14
I got stuck in the mouth....braces (top & bottom).... :oops:

Posted by catmom02/05/14
Had no clue. Even when I read the answer I wasn't sure what you were talking about.

Posted by kitty-cat02/05/14
I was thinking more along the lines of % or /, as they are important for "figures" and music isn't what I originally thought of. Although I couldn't make the bar line make sense.


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