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A Pause For Station Identification IV

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In the United States all radio and television stations are represented by "call letters". Each set of call letters is 4 letters long. Call letters for stations east of the Mississippi river begin with a "W", while stations west of the river begin with "K".

Using the description of their station and/or the format, figure out the call letters of these fictional stations. (e.g. A station for people getting their affairs in order before they die might be WILL.)

Note: Some stations will use phonetics opposed to exact spelling.

West of Mississippi River:
1) A station all about baseball fans' headgear.
2) A station that should be avoided by those on the Atkins diet.
3) A station playing nothing but applause, all day and all night.

East of Mississippi River:
1) A station discussing an ancient torture device.
2) A station devoted to a certain type of small bird.
3) A station all about Wicca and those who practice it.

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