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He Knows His Numbers

Submitted By:letmeforget5
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Difficulty:* (0.54)

The teacher asked little Andy if he knew his numbers yet. "Yes, teacher," he said, "my dad taught me while playing poker."

"Good, Andy. Tell me what comes after two," the teacher said. "Three," replied Andy.

"Very good. What comes after five, Andy?" asked the teacher. "Six," answered Andy.

"Excellent. Your dad did a very good job. Now, what comes after ten?" the teacher asked.

What did Andy answer?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Starriddler07/23/08
That was a good one!

Posted by cuteandditzy07/23/08
LOL. Very cute!!!

Posted by al11107/25/08
Sooo clever :)

Posted by annvie907/30/08
The answer was a bit obvious even with the hint :wink: Pretty good though!

Posted by Quickq07/30/08
A nice teaser :) But too easy :(

Posted by dolphingurl1208/02/08
Didn't I read this in joke form? haha :D

Posted by Majher08/14/08
wayyy 2 easy, but it was all right.

Posted by Pop_Qla08/28/08
:lol: :D Cute!!!

Posted by elwxxxswimchick10/02/08
I play enough cards to know its a jack!

Posted by 7thgraderocks10/06/08
I got that 1 right!!! :D YAy!

Posted by EvilMonkeySpy311/10/08
oh. i said 1, because a jack can equal either, i'm pretty sure... :lol:

Posted by Elios11/12/08
Almost a joke rather than a Trick Teaser.. but still very enjoyable! :D

Posted by kingofda80811/14/08
yeah it waz more of a joke..haha lol good one :lol:

Posted by Loris2111/21/08
I liked it; it was very cute. :D

Posted by Grant-the-Wise11/24/08
Interesting, but it sounds much more like a story/joke than a trick riddle. Eh, close enough I guess.

Posted by drfyra11/25/08
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by phreezingsun2112/25/08
I was actually thinking Ace.... all tha blackjack must have caught up to me. haha Not bad!

Posted by saelle13812/27/08
Strange but funny. :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol:

Posted by Nerine01/12/09
You have to know that he was taught with playing cards.. Very Good :)

Posted by kataang16001/24/09
Wow I got that right which I barley do :D That's one good teaser 8) :wink: :lol:

Posted by Matttoy05/06/09
Easy teaser but still a good one. The hint easily gave it away. I accidentally said it was hard. whoops! :D

Posted by TheBrainBender05/16/09
THAT WAS SO category.. it comestogether in a split second and i didn't even think it was eleven and didn't use the hint

Posted by EdWaRdLuVeR_91807/30/09
I got that one easily. xD

Posted by MusiK12/21/09
hmmm, but isn't it more likely for the teacher to start by asking him what comes after one, and then Andy would say, what's one? :o

Posted by beyonce12302/15/10
actually evilmonkeyspy an ace can equal one, not a jack

Posted by Benjiboo11/18/11
it could also be a joker

Posted by kittygirl1906/30/13
Reminds me of a Dirty Little Johnny joke that I read!

Posted by ismartguy09/15/14
Haha i got it wrong, was close, but gg! :lol:


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