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Hot Wheels has finally come out with a car of Men In Black-like gravity-defying abilities!

These cars are of similar size, weight, and speed capabilities to the mass-produced plastic toys kids have loved since 1968, but have one crucial difference in design that allow them to zip past upside-down on the ceiling or cruise by on the wall! What is this difference, and how in the world can it let you drive a toy car upside-down?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by pyrotechnic_lad07/26/08
Cool! Didn't know that.

Posted by carlp08/29/08
cool, came to me quick, but didn't think that it was correct till i saw the answer.... good one

Posted by kp5210/10/08
Interesting. I kind of had an idea that it had something to do with air. Good teaser. :D

Posted by bigabbs12/05/08
i've seen about a million commercials for cars like these

Posted by VitalStatistic12/31/08
A site I frequent, zazz dot com dot au were selling these recently so I knew the answer straight away. Wouldn't that be cool though, if someone made an F1 track with a section that was inverted for 50 or a hundred metres. Dunno how it would be if one of them stopped on it though.

Posted by tangled_brain12/31/08
well if anybody slowed down on that section, that person would lose the necessary downforce (from that perspective, of course) and hence, the friction that would keep the tires spinning. without that, speed slows down considerably, further lessening downforce, until contact is lost and the medics are called.

Posted by tangled_brain12/31/08
needless to say, nobody has attempted to construct such a course.

Posted by Paladin04/09/09
Wish I were a kid again :D

Posted by Fearless8801/31/10
By little brother has one of these and I fiddled with it the other day to figure out how it worked. Nice Teaser though! :lol:

Posted by cinivon12/23/10
Yes, other brands, too. My son has some. The fan needs to work quickly and the flaps on the sides need to be undamaged or else they fall...

Posted by klsowell11/19/13
AAH!! Someone needs to start making these!! LOL LOL LOL LOL


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