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Bull and Bomb

Submitted By:chickenpuff7
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:* (0.64)

If a bull swallows a bomb, which word is the most appropriate?
Shocking, abominable, terrifying, or scandalous?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by piffle05/30/02
good one. I like this one.

Posted by MrBean06/01/02

Posted by odcsurferchick06/16/02

Posted by gven06/27/02
for the second time i got something right :) nice one :)

Posted by shoppergrl06/27/02
This teaser rocks like a boulder

Posted by speedymcg06/28/02
I think it would be more fun if you didn't give any choices...but itz kewl anyway :)

Posted by bmotts08/15/02
If there's one bad abominable teaser, I haven't heard it!

Posted by dsquared08/22/02
Fun... clever... liked it.

Posted by PebblesExtreme03/21/03
I had a hunch that it was something with a bull and bomb in the word. GJ

Posted by horse_luver04/11/03
This is more of a joke.

Posted by MysticGohan78906/27/03
Good Teaser, But I Got This One Right As Soon As I Saw That It Was A Language Teaser

Posted by Smithy06/27/03
I haven't actually looked at the answer yet, but I'm assuming its abominable (A-Bomb-In-A-Bull) Nice, but too easy.

Posted by unmellowyellow05/23/04
this riddle is one of my favorites!!! :wink:

Posted by ThreeTwoOne06/27/04
The solution is clever, but the riddle gives itself away. Using a thesaurus on the description might have created something trickier, e.g.: "If an uncastrated steer were to swallow a stick of dynamite strapped to a ticking clock, which word would best describe the situation?" In this case, at least you haven't said "bomb" and "bull" in both the question and the answer...still a clever ruse.

Posted by billybob_thorton06/27/04
Nice teaser, but the word "scandalous" would hardly describe the situation at hand. ThreeTwoOne: I have no idea what on earth you're talking about! :-?

Posted by oosunshyneoo06/27/04
I'm happy I got it! Good, more of a joke, but good! :lol:

Posted by weirdness_-_-11/28/04
:o i got that one right *gasp* it must be easy

Posted by triskit06/03/05
a bom in a bull? Way too easy

Posted by BrownEyes06/11/05
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by amn2249207/05/05
Too easy! Heard that one ages ago! :(

Posted by virgo5121004/06/06
that was cute

Posted by Crazycriely02/06/08
Seems more like a was way too easy. Sorry.

Posted by Holli4465402/06/08
that was cute!

Posted by mousechicks02/06/08
it was cute and made me giggle. So not too bad. It's one I can use on my patients when they need a pick me up.

Posted by karenokupniak02/06/08
Shame on me for taking it seriously...

Posted by elentir02/06/08
After the bomb explodes - Noble :lol:

Posted by bradon18200102/06/08
Waaaaay easy. Cute teaser but not very hard to figure out. We need one of these now and then.Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by silent_lucidity02/06/08
Very clever. :lol:

Posted by aresII02/06/08
I thought it was great, great play on a word. :lol:

Posted by newbie88502/06/08
i would have said (if the bomb was active) run!!!!! :o

Posted by canfan9502/06/08
very clever!!! :D

Posted by doehead02/06/08
Cute but Easy :lol: :lol:

Posted by 4princesses02/06/08
Now that was funny! Thanks for a good fun teaser. :lol:

Posted by phyllisa02/06/08
Cute, the easiest one yet

Posted by Yorkshire-Boy02/06/08
that was really easy, and really hilarious....I loved it, it really brightened my morning, great play on words :D :) :D

Posted by emu77alu0202/06/08
I like elentir's addition! :lol:

Posted by avonma02/06/08
Funny! Took me a minute to figure it out, but I loved it. Thanks! :lol:

Posted by tommysmo02/06/08
very easy.

Posted by hradilv02/06/08
How can it go from the impossible yesterday to the impossibly easy today?

Posted by FatHead02/06/08
I've heard it before. And the sequel is "noble".

Posted by 2ndhandrose02/06/08
Hi ymiroc. Love the Pun but Bull's don't have Udders. Cows do. :lol: That was great, went right over my head! I really laughed :lol: when I saw the answer. Can't say that bull was full of..... Kaboom!!!!!! Ha! Ha! H! thanks for the laff eh?

Posted by kwelchans02/06/08
As puns go, this one was udderly abominable. :lol: It belongs in Wiley's Dictionary.

Posted by glou02/06/08
Nice one--probably would have been more challenging to ask "if a male cow swallows an explosive device...." rather than how it was phrased, if you wanted to make it a little more difficult.

Posted by wordmama02/06/08
Got it easily, but it gave me a laugh, always a good part of a day; thanks.

Posted by jrismyhero02/06/08
haha i get it!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Posted by 2ndhandrose02/06/08
Hi ymiroc. Love the Pun but Bull's don't have Udders. Cows do. :lol: That was great, went right over my head! I really laughed :lol: when I saw the answer. Can't say that bull was full of..... Kaboom!!!!!! Ha! Ha! H! thanks for the laff eh?

Posted by 2ndhandrose02/06/08
Oops! Sorry! :oops: I posted twice, went out & thought it needed posting. This Tim Horton's coffee will help. Sorry Everbody., :-? :lol:

Posted by UptheHill02/06/08
Funny but two words, POOR BULL!!

Posted by lizzard02/06/08
Lol I liked it im gonna tell my frends that one!!!!! :D

Posted by auntiesis02/06/08
Easy but cute. Thanks for the giggle. :P :D :lol:

Posted by dogg6pound902/06/08
i agree it is more of a joke than it is a teaser... and having multiple choices made it way too easy :(

Posted by Madelulabelle02/06/08
I agree with ThreeTwoOne about synonyms, but it was a good teaser anyway!!!

Posted by vg67402/06/08
Clever. I'm fond of the ones that you need to look at twice for. :)

Posted by preppygirl02/06/08
if it's active.... bloody.

Posted by Harmony_Girl02/06/08
Oh my gosh, I loved that. :D

Posted by petey12702/06/08
Love it! I agree though it would be better with no choices. Still really cute though! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by AuthenticallyMe02/06/08
Easy teaser...but it's creative. That's what made it enjoyable. Thanks for the teaser.

Posted by koolstarkid10102/06/08
I'm sorry, but I didn't really understand that... :oops:

Posted by mondayschild5902/07/08
That teaser was the bomb.... I got it right off the bat. I laughed till I cried. Thanks for the fun teaser. Monday~ :lol: :lol:

Posted by jabdr02/08/08
This one got me smiling :wink: Cute :D

Posted by AppleBottoms02/08/08
I need 2 us that....LOL :lol:

Posted by AppleBottoms02/08/08
i ment use :lol:

Posted by snowbunny122202/19/08
oh yeah- i totally got that!!! still a great teaser :)

Posted by tuckpaw12/15/08

Posted by Prinesca04/29/10
Haha! Nice one!

Posted by Mitty4402/06/11
:lol: A BOMB in a BULLet. (Abominable)

Posted by Mitty4402/06/11
I meant BULL. :P

Posted by NettieLou02/06/11
:lol: Sooo got that without even looking at the word choices. Sweet! :D

Posted by BOBdaMAN02/06/11
herd it before... WAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyyyy before

Posted by Babe02/06/14
Way too easy! The word stuck out like a sore thumb. :roll:

Posted by eighsse02/06/14
Very funny, but more of a joke than a language teaser.

Posted by cutebug02/06/14
Pretty bad, worst so called teaser in years. :( :( :(

Posted by Babe02/06/17
Whoever "ymiroc" is, I know they will never see this because they posted in 1202, but I do have to say to them that a bull does not have an "udder." Your joke fell flat. :( :roll:

Posted by Marple02/07/17
:lol: very funny teaser!

Posted by dbakashojou02/08/17
A little too obvious, but fun regardless. 8)


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