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Submitted By:kunju
Fun:** (1.81)
Difficulty:* (0.62)

Which of the following colours does not belong?
Red, Yellow, Blue, and Pink.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by coltonr108/15/08
This is rate so low... I thought it was fun... :D

Posted by markmonnin08/18/08
A pretty easy question, although the phrasing leaves it wide open for interpretation.

Posted by chakki09/11/08
cool question :)

Posted by TheHunter09/21/08
yellow isnt a primary colour the primary colours are red blue and green

Posted by Lady_Lani11/16/08
easy. 8)

Posted by roseylili12/02/08
the order makes it much easier burt sill, I ike it

Posted by westbrook12/31/08
Your wrong! TheHunter! they're red blue yellow. :roll: :roll: :roll: Got it immeadiatly! :D :D :D

Posted by SIKKEY07/21/11
green is a secondary colour along with orange and cant mix any 2 colours together to make blue yellow and red but you can make green-blue/yellow orange-yellow/red and purple-blue/red hence why those are secondary colours.....nice puzzle :wink:


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