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The Dance-Off

Submitted By:whsprec
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2 boys and 2 girls entered a dance competition. The boys were named Neko and Tyler and the girls were Anna and Shelby. Each dancer danced to a different genre: rap, pop, rock, or techno. Match the dancer to the style and their place.

1) The boys danced to techno and pop.
2) The person who danced to rap did not come in 2nd or 3rd place, but techno came in 4th.
3) Anna came in 3rd place.
4) Shelby doesn't like rock and Tyler doesn't like techno.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by LouiseF08/28/08
good but easy:D

Posted by gymboy0908/29/08

Posted by june1209/13/08
i always enjoy your teasers good job on this one

Posted by IceCreamJones11/21/08
I liked it. Seemed simple enough but I took it for granted and screwed it up the 1st time. :lol:

Posted by saelle13812/27/08
i wish it were a littl bit harder... :roll:

Posted by Merrihootai10/01/09
it was really good, but easy. also, you didn't need to say that Shelby didn't like rock in clue 4 'cause it can be inferred through the other 3 clues. good job nonetheless. :wink:

Posted by Matttoy04/19/10
Good teaser. Pretty easy, but fun! :D


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