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You are given a stack of bingo cards. Your task is to find a specific card. Given the following clues, what is the number arrangement of that card?

Columns, left to right, are: B (contains numbers 1 through 15), I (contains numbers 16 through 30), N (contains numbers 31 through 45), G (contains numbers 46 through 60), O (contains numbers 61 through 75). Rows, top to bottom, are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. An example of coordinate nomenclature: B1 identifies column B row 1. N3 is a free space (contains no number). No number appears more than once.

1) All numbers in row 2 are divisible by 2; all numbers in row 3 are divisible by 3; all numbers in row 4 are divisible by 4; all numbers in row 5 are divisible by 5.
2) Row 2: the units digits are the same.
3) Row 4: the units digits are all different.
4) Row 5: the sum of the numbers is divisible by 7.
5) Column B: contains five consecutive numbers (in any order).
6) Column I: three of the numbers are odd.
7) Column G: three numbers are divisible by 3; three numbers are divisible by 4; one number is divisible by 12.
8) Column O: the sum of the five numbers is an odd number.
9) The product of I3 and G3 is between 1300 and 1400.
10) The sum of B1 and O1 is 82.
11) The difference between N1 and N5 is 1.
12) N2 is midway between B4 and O4.
13) N4 is midway between I1 and G1.

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