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Earth 4

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.12)
Difficulty:**** (3.1)

Where does Earth belong in the following astronomical series?

Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tpg7609/18/08
That's only because the ecliptic is defined that way - referenced to Earth (0.0). I think in this case the "hint" is not helpful, and perhaps misleading. (Unless I do not understand the meaning of "sign", which is possible.) Thanks.

Posted by markmonnin09/18/08
Interesting trivia, but the hint didn't help me at all. :-?

Posted by tommysmo09/19/08
i had no chance on this one and the hint didn't help me.

Posted by ebraham10/02/08
The hint did not help me, did I just not get it the way you predicted? Overall an "Ok" teaser

Posted by westbrook12/13/08
How could anyone know that?(well,not me) :D

Posted by Ilite01/12/09
Good puzzle, but the hint seemed more random than anything.May as well have put 'Merry Christmas!' in the hint. ;)

Posted by bookworm9102/13/09
For all of you privileged enough to be reading this comment, know that it is a record of my last words on this earth. Thanks, cnmne, you made my head explode! Seriously, though. That went way over my head, but it was interesting nonetheless :D

Posted by Paladin04/09/09
I wonder if anyone (including the author) would know this without looking it up?

Posted by rush205/19/09
great quiz :P

Posted by precious102604/15/10
:wink: You failed to provide All the information. A series can mean practically anything. A series of time, A series of place, which most of us thought you meant, A series of movement. Most people fear you, so no one would dare question you logic, mathematics or brilliance. Nice Teaser, as Usual.

Posted by Ewok10/02/10
The hint indeed did not help at all; the first thing I thought was astrology, and the signs associated with the planets. That was a dead end, as "Earth" in astrology is a type of sign, not a ruler of a sign. Even using it in the sense of which sign rises above the horizon of earth in what order doesn't help. The hint could have been a great deal clearer, but an interesting piece of information nonetheless

Posted by monkeybar10/10/10
Hehe thought I'm good at astronomy but I failed this one. Didnt think of that inclination angle. I though they are mixed up based on their positions. Good and hard one. :D

Posted by princess200703/07/11
im sorry but I didnt like this one. Not only was the hint useless it was also misleading. And orbit inclination??? Really?? I mean, how could anyone NOT working in NASA know this??But im sure a lot of people must have liked this. I just didnt.

Posted by Marple10/19/12
I didn't like it either. It was very difficult because there was a huge lack of information needed to solve the teaser. The hint was completely random! What's my sign????? What does that mean and how does it help? :o :(


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