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A, B, V, G, D...

Submitted By:shenqiang
Fun:** (1.86)
Difficulty:*** (2.86)

Can you determine the next five letters in this series?

A, B, V, G, D, ...

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by markmonnin09/25/08
Neat. I didn't get this one even after a quick Google search. :)

Posted by Wa11E09/26/08
Sory I am a bit confused, and I do not understand why you start with the transliterted sequence and the explain with the russian names (almost ah, beh, veh, geh deh

Posted by Question_Mark08/05/09
I got this, as I used to study Russian in my spare time, but I always called 'ye' and 'yo', 'ie' and 'io'.

Posted by SamAlNik11/27/09
that was hard .. well it would have been easy if i studied the language.... good teaser though... :P :oops:


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