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G W B = 43rd P of the USA

Submitted By:shenqiang
Fun:** (1.68)
Difficulty:* (0.64)

G W B = 43rd P of the USA

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Sass2110/12/08
Pretty easy considering I am from America.

Posted by markmonnin10/12/08
This was easy although I didn't know what the W stood for. :)

Posted by megabreath10/12/08
With respect, you might as well have put the answer as the Teaser. :wink:

Posted by labgeek10/13/08
Even GWB could have gotten that one.

Posted by bookworms10/19/08
a very easy, even though I was not from USA...

Posted by shortyy128312/24/08
easiest one ever! even hilary clinton could've gotten this one!

Posted by Bodfish03/05/09
I got the W slightly wrong but then I am a NZder so I have never heard his middle name before. :oops:


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