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Sir Richard Murder

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"What? Another murder?" exclaimed Mr. Lombang after hearing the news that the incredibly wealthy Sir Richard had been murdered. Mr. Lombang found this case very similar to the murder of Miss Brown and, sure enough, Sir Whitehall, an ex-murderer, was on the list of suspects.

The suspects are the dashing young Lord Burgundy, the elderly Lady Green, and the rather arrogant Sir Whitehall. The places where the murder could have been committed are the kitchen, lounge, and bedroom. The weapons that are likely to have been used are a length of strong twine, an ancient dagger, and a gun.

All that Mr. Lombang knows is that the murderer had access to the gun, so help him to uncover the truth using these clues:

1. Sir Whitehall had no access to the twine, although it was rumored by all of the staff that he kept a dagger in his room in case of assassination.
2. The person in the bedroom was at the opposite side of the house to the gun.
3. Sir Whitehall was verified to have been complaining to the cook in the kitchen for the majority of the evening.
4. Lady Green constantly complained about the quality of the couches in the lounge and kept clear of them as a result.
5. The person with the dagger was in the kitchen.

Can you work out who murdered Sir Richard and in what room?

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