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How Old is ____? #2

Submitted By:angelsluvme
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Jane is 34. Kevin is 11. Lucy is half as old as Jane but three years younger than Mike. Mike is 3 times as old as Greg. How old is Greg?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by markmonnin11/25/08
Fun and easy :D.

Posted by adam21311/25/08
Questions like this always turn up on standardized tests. It's good to know how to tackle them. :)

Posted by W1nd11/25/08
aw i was so close, i got 6.6666...

Posted by Malika12311/27/08
Me too, I got 6.66666666666.

Posted by Zinger11/28/08
yea that wasnt too bad i got 6.6666666666

Posted by stil11/28/08
Your casual flip-flop has a foul odor. Even age ambitious toddlers do not claim decimal ages. At most they count quarter years after their parents quit counting months. Moreover, six-years-and-eight-months is an exact answer to squirrelled question.

Posted by pating12/03/08
If Greg is Six-years-and-eight-months old, Mike would be "exactly" 20 years old, Lucy is "exactly" 17 years old, and Jane "exactly" 34 years old. Does that mean Jane, Lucy and Mike share the same birthday, and today is their birthday? Just wondering... :P

Posted by mrey01/31/09
just want to know how to type the answer? liked the teaser :wink:

Posted by Quickq02/21/09
How does giving us kevins age help, and why is the answer 6.7? :evil: 6.666666 is the right answer. :evil: And if you think that 6.666666 is wrong because it isn't right down to the last nanosecond, what's wrong with 6 2/3? :evil: 2/10 for that teaser. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by jae11303/05/09
Can someone please explain how this is done? Here is what I did, but I can't get the right answer: J=34 K=11 L= 34/2, which is 17 M=L+3, which is 20 G= M*3, which is 60!

Posted by MagaJamba03/09/09
Jae i did the same thing and all the people that got 6.66 with a bar notation u gotta round simple as that...

Posted by pating03/10/09
jae, its M=3*G. So 20=3*G. And G=20/3.

Posted by Paladin04/09/09
You did it correctly up to "Mike is 3 times as old as Greg" You got Mike = 20, but then you said Greg = 20 *3 which would have been "Greg is 3 times as old as Mike" Instead, Greg = 20/3 = 6 2/3

Posted by aliceedwards07/09/11
A very fun teaser.


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