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A, Of, An, The

Submitted By:getoffursausage
Fun:** (1.76)
Difficulty:* (0.72)

Which of the following words doesn't belong?

A, Of, An, The

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by megabreath11/27/08
Nice one. Took me a minute, got it right. :D

Posted by kappa6411/27/08
That was easy, but I liked it :D

Posted by Malika12311/27/08
So easy! I liked it anyways. 8) L :lol: L

Posted by tommysmo12/03/08
I also thought it was easy. It was nicely done, though.

Posted by markmonnin12/04/08
I liked it. I thought it was bad that I knew the answer, but I guess many others did as well.

Posted by bradon18200112/10/08
Nice and easy. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by mathisnice04/24/10
Nice teaser! :)

Posted by mathisnice04/24/10
Nice teaser! :)

Posted by Benjiboo05/17/13
Thought it was A cause it was the only one without a consonant. :oops: I was going to say Of but only because I thought that A, An and The were used way more. :oops: again.


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