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Eliza Pseudonym and Her Unusual Dreams

Submitted By:mathgrant
Fun:*** (3.02)
Difficulty:**** (3.13)

During a five-night period from Monday through Friday, Eliza Pseudonym had a series of unusual dreams. Every night, she had a dream set in a different unusual place (in one dream, Eliza found herself on trial in a courtroom). In each dream, a different one of her closest friends unexpectedly appeared and said something seemingly nonsensical. Eliza noted that she had eaten something different each night before going to bed; needless to say, she has sworn not to eat any of those foodstuffs so late at night ever again! From the clues below, determine the setting of the dream Eliza had each night, which of her friends made an appearance, what each friend said, and what food item Eliza had eaten each night.

1. Eliza had a dream about her friend Carla precisely two nights before or two nights after her dream in which she was a soldier on a war-torn battlefield.
2. The dream in which a friend said, "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" occurred either the night before or the night after Eliza ate beef jerky.
3. Eliza ate some delicious chocolate chip cookies on the night her dream featured a friend saying, "I was raised by a cup of coffee!"
4. Barbra made an appearance in a dream precisely three nights before Eliza ate pickles.
5. The dream with Delilah in it occurred some time prior to the dream in which Eliza's friend said, "There is no nineteenth story, so there is no Miss Zarves."
6. Eliza dreamed that she was the host of a popular talk show either the night before or the night after her dream where a friend said, "Paleobotanical backwards licorice."
7. Anna was in Eliza's dream precisely one night after pretzels were eaten before going to bed.
8. A friend said, "Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx," in the dream where Eliza was a scientist performing studies at a laboratory.
9. Eliza ate an orange precisely two nights after she dreamed about dancing to funky music at a disco.
10. Fiona appeared in Eliza's dream on Tuesday night.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by hollymo11/29/08
I love the "I like shorts!" quote! :lol: You got it from pokemon, didn't you?

Posted by Yankeejimg12/01/08
Very hard. very good and a lot of fun. Congratulations and keep them coming.

Posted by lesliep7287512/01/08
Wow! It took a couple of tries to get it, but I did it. Although, not sure how. :lol: :lol:

Posted by gracieboo12/01/08
WOW! I got it too but I don't know how either!!! :o

Posted by mathgrant12/02/08
hollymo, yes, "I like shorts" was a reference to the Pokemon games. In fact, all five quotes are references of some kind. It will be interesting to see if people can identify the other four references. :)

Posted by mathwiz3712/03/08
I know about the 'There is no Mrs. Zarves/no 19th story' reference. It comes from Sideway Stories from Wayside School

Posted by nidhikaila12/05/08
Great Puzzle. Keep them coming!

Posted by dreamlvr143212/06/08
Great teaser!! I had to break out the pen & paper to solve this one. Took me a couple of tries, but I got it. :D Would love to see some more.

Posted by markmonnin12/10/08
Nicely done. This took so much time, but the storyline was funny. I also recognize "Raised by a cup of coffee" from Homsar of Homestar Runner. :)

Posted by javaguru12/15/08
Fantastic! I don't get most of the references, but everything else was quite logical. :wink: Makes me wonder how much, if any, information you can remove from the puzzle and still have it solvable without guessing.

Posted by IceCreamJones12/19/08
That was the hardest one I have tried yet, took me over an hour! I felt like a champ when I got it though. :D

Posted by FalconOfHope01/19/09
AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! WORD DISASSOCIATION! "Flouncy/panicky redundant/psychidelic while/raisin terrible abundant/polyurethane smile/ scrumptious mechanical/jungle uncle wish/paleobotanical backwards licorice" Awesome puzzle.

Posted by mocha61302/16/09
Great puzzle. Very enjoyable. Please make more if you have time. :D

Posted by Kiyoko03/06/09
Ooo, Homestar Runner.

Posted by Kiyoko03/06/09
Whoa, where'd the rest of my comment go? o.O Is there a limit to how long your comment can be? Well, basically, I tried and failed twice, though I thought I was right the second time but checked and found I wasn't. ^_^; But REALLY GREAT JOB! :D

Posted by javaguru03/07/09
Your comment was probably cut off because you included a less-than sign. The software doesn't handle those correctly--they mess with the HTML.

Posted by braindeadmommia08/22/09
Finally got it!!! This took several attempts but was a very good challenge. Thanks.

Posted by bretgal2205/31/10
I've had to give up, got it wrong 3 times now :-?

Posted by mom2boys07/04/10
After failing twice, I started from the bottom up and had no problem. Go figure!

Posted by chriscat10/26/10
Fun! Intricate enough to be challenging but not crazy hard. I didn't recognize any of the references -- probably I'm too old :-).

Posted by kittygirl1911/25/11
I was raised by a cup of coffee... Hmm... :o

Posted by Thel11/07/12
A very enjoyable puzzle! It also took me about an hour to solve, but I had lots of fun. I believe the "Mr. Jock" quote includes all letters of the alphabet, but if it's also a game reference you got me there. Thanks! :D

Posted by MDCTeasers01/07/14
I know the Miss Zarves/19'th story quote was from wayside school, but the jock/tv quiz/phd did not have all the letters of the alphabet. I counted- 24 letters. The alphabet has 26. :-?


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