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Five Grandsons

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On 24 December 1752, George Layton returned to Boston after a voyage of two years. The next day would be Christmas. George's wife, Martha, had invited his five daughters to come and celebrate their first Christmas as a family in three years.
After two years of long grueling days, it was nice to have a night of restful sleep. George awakened around ten in the morning, hearing a lot of bustling going on downstairs. Throwing on his robe, George went downstairs. There, in the parlor, were his wife, his five daughters, and their husbands. Each daughter had a child in her arms.
His wife, Martha, said, "Merry Christmas, George. A happy Christmas, since you have returned home after two years. And each of your daughters has borne you a grandson this year. A very merry Christmas to you!"
Abigail placed her son into George's arms and said, "This is your first grandson, Samuel. He was born on February 22."
Next came Rebecca. She introduced George to her son Richard, saying, "Welcome your grandson, a spitting image of his grandfather. Richard was born on June 27."
Julia then stepped forward. She placed her son, Gregory, into George's arms. "This is Gregory, who was born on September 19."
Elizabeth kissed her father on the cheek, then introduced him to her son, Walter. "Walter was born on October 14, your birthday."
Last, came the youngest daughter, Catherine. "This is Henry, who was born just this month, on December 2."
Then Martha spoke again. "Five grandsons in one year. And truly amazing is that they were all born on the same day of the week."
George stood up and hugged each of his daughters. He then sat back down, smiled at his wife, and said, "My daughters, I know how you like to pose little riddles for me to solve. I know that one of you is lying, and you want me to figure out which one of you is trying to pull a fast one on her father. One of my grandsons was not born on the same day of the week as the other four. That grandson is ... "

The given dates are correct. What grandson was not born on the same day of the week as the other four?

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