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Submitted By:jubu42
Fun:** (1.63)
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Over Over

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Gerrard1012/30/08
Easy :D

Posted by bluefever10112/30/08
that's so stupid it's funny (in a GOOD way)

Posted by batatis12/31/08
i thought 'Doubled over'

Posted by Malika12312/31/08
Easy Peasy :)

Posted by Light01/01/09
Wow... first Rebus riddle I ever got right... Happy New Year...

Posted by tetris4t01/02/09
HeHeHe... Good Rebus Happy new year

Posted by braingle10001/08/09
Does over and over count :-?

Posted by 311WordGuy01/18/09
Yeah double over would have worked. Although, over x 2 might work better for that.

Posted by bradon18200105/04/09
My first thought was double over, then it hit me that over and over would also work. Nice rebus. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by EdWaRdLuVeR_91808/09/09
Easy :)

Posted by TallTimber03/10/10
Pretty easy.


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