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Sweet Tooth

Submitted By:kaipolani114
Fun:** (1.99)
Difficulty:* (0.36)

Each of these children have a favorite candy that they can't live without. Match up each child with their age and favorite candy. Their names are Aaron, Ashley, and Andrew. Their ages range from 3 to 5 years old. Their favorite candy is either Skittles, Hershey's Kisses, or Jolly Ranchers.

1. Ashley is allergic to chocolate.
2. Aaron does not like Jolly Ranchers.
3. Andrew is the oldest.
4. Ashley is younger than Andrew but older than Aaron.
5. Andrew likes Jolly Ranchers.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by markmonnin01/07/09
You don't need clue #3. Easy and fun. :)

Posted by Xaegoth01/07/09
Fun, but extremely easy.

Posted by dswilborn01/09/09
Way too easy.

Posted by melzerh01/09/09

Posted by chocoholic9401/10/09
too easy but nice try.

Posted by EnigmaLIX01/16/09
Easy, Would be a good starter puzzle.

Posted by EnigmaLIX01/16/09
Easy, Would be a good starter puzzle.

Posted by hohoho02/02/09
I timed myself. That took 54 seconds.

Posted by debc102/22/09
easy but good

Posted by Zarahemla0503/08/09
easy and good! Thanks! ~Z :D

Posted by kat0001104/15/09
This was way too easy :roll: It would be good for someone just starting this kanid of puzzle

Posted by caberet08/17/09
Fun, quick little puzzle. But clues #2 & 3 were not needed.

Posted by Fearless8801/18/10
That was way to easy :roll: Less than one min of my time :o

Posted by taiyacute04/14/10
that was fun. my teacher last year (3rd grade hated these

Posted by mathisnice05/24/10
I agree with caberet. The teaser would be a bit harder without those two unnecessary clues. :D

Posted by Rileyd01/26/14
Easy :D :D :D

Posted by Hello2601/27/15
Super easy :roll: But good job for your first grid puzzle! :D

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15
easy and fun

Posted by rennysoncemann04/03/17
Hmmm... clue #5 only states that Andrew "likes" Jolly Ranchers. It doesn't say that Jolly Ranchers is his "favorite". Apparently we're supposed to assume that Andrew's "favorite" is Jolly Ranchers (since that is the solution after all), but that isn't necessarily so is it? His "favorite" could be Hersheys Kisses, even though he still "likes" Jolly Ranchers. The wording of clue #5 doesn't give enough info to solve the puzzle. Nobody else has raised this objection, am I missing something? :(


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