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Y in a C

Submitted By:Lord_Hawk
Fun:** (1.88)
Difficulty:*** (2.2)

22 = Y in a C

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Nerine01/22/09
Yay, first Comment. I got the yards but not the chain. Nice teaser. :)

Posted by dancingd301/22/09
2nd comment! I got the yards part too, but definitely not the chain. Where (or when) is that unit of measurement used? Good, but hard. :)

Posted by bramfarm01/22/09
Same here. An explanation would make it more interesting. :)

Posted by Lord_Hawk01/22/09
Sorry, this is old english imperial measurements. I should have put in an explanation - never even thought about it. A good example of where the chain is used is on the cricket field, where the distance between the stumps is exactly 22 yards, or 1 chain. 10 chains make a furlong, which is obviously used in horseracing. But cricket isn't very well'known in the US, or so I'm led to believe! Thanks for all the positive comments.

Posted by fame01/22/09
EASY 8) :evil:

Posted by Hadleigh03/09/09
Very easy and I got both the yards and the chain. Maybe because I remember the measurements from school. Wow that makes me feel old :D :D


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