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Submitted By:AndrewWalker
Fun:** (1.39)
Difficulty:* (0.5)

On a clear day at noon, walk outside and look at the largest thing you can see. What is it?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tuckpaw02/20/09
depends on your point of view the sky looks bigger if your looking up

Posted by oxana00702/22/09
I got it right away but nice creativity :wink:

Posted by zero0darkness02/23/09
If you think about it, the biggest thing you can see is the earth... you cant really see the sun itself, you can see the light, but it is nearly impossible to look directly at it at noon (less atmosphere to block rays)

Posted by Nerine02/23/09
Hehe, clever... :D It depends on perspective though, the Sun may be physically the largest, but what if you see a plane (etc.) flying close by? the distance may make it LOOK larger than the Sun...but not actually BE larger... (Yes, I know, why do I have to evaluate?)

Posted by braingle10003/03/09
RATE : 0 star, 0 difficulty :)

Posted by _numpty_03/07/09
Don't you mean 1 star? :lol:

Posted by Dishhead503/12/09
ok teaser but a little easy keep it up though :)

Posted by karenokupniak03/29/09
I thought it was the sky. What if it's cloudy?

Posted by fishmed04/04/09
I said Earth, but I guess the Sun is bigger... :wink:

Posted by bradon18200104/30/09
My answer was the sky, but I guess your answer is better. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by brainblaster06/03/09
Can't actually look at sun, you'll go blind.

Posted by MissKirby2306/17/09
this is the first teaser i got right!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by BrainMaster2112/09/09
Couldn't it be the sky? :o

Posted by MusiK12/21/09
yeah, I thought it would be the sky too...

Posted by mathisnice03/27/10
Sky wouldn't work, it's not really a thing; this answer works. I'm surprised the editors got this tr\hrough, it's pure trivia. Not exactly a teaser. :-?

Posted by Thekid406/18/11
I got it!!! 8)

Posted by ultimatecub03/23/15
Sky...sun would damage eyes


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