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Submitted By:phrebh
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What is the longest word in the English alphabet?

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Posted by Malika12302/18/09
Never thought of it.

Posted by AlexRi3er02/18/09
What about alpha. it is a word, isn't it?

Posted by Nerine02/18/09
But there was nothing about consecutive letter! Never would have got it otherwise. Here's a few: Antidisestablishmentarianism (in dictionary) and Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (longest medical term, in dictionary) and Floccinaucinihilipilification (in dictionary)

Posted by phrebh02/18/09
That's why it's a trick. :D

Posted by smcoren02/18/09
Your teaser is not very clear. You don't mention anything about the letters needing to be consecutive. If it were really a "trick" then the longest word in "The English Alphabet" would be "Alphabet". If you really meant to refer to the spelling of a letter- wouldn't "Double" in double U be the longest word?

Posted by phrebh02/18/09
For those of you who need the large print version of the explanation: the English alphabet is a group of letters from a to z, listed, by definition, in alphabetical order. If you write out the alphabet in one line, the longest word you will find is "ghi".

Posted by here202/18/09
How about DEF as in Most Def? Personally, I liked the teaser. I'm a little tired of the tricks that would have given an answer of Alphabet. Plus I learned a new word. Thanks for the teaser!!

Posted by phrebh02/18/09
I actually looked that up first. :lol: But it wasn't in any of the mainline dictionaries I looked at.

Posted by xdbtcp02/18/09
Thought 'smiles' first (the old joke because it has miles in it), then the hint (i.e. the title) made me think of marriage (til death...) :lol:

Posted by narmo302/18/09
this was a pretty good teaser....but i still dont get how the title was a clue...

Posted by tamjp02/19/09
:o that is clever that you saw that word in there-are you a chef? I do agree with the detractors though. You perhaps should have changed you instructions to add the phrase "found in the alphabet" Good language teaser then. Not as good in trick category. sorry :(

Posted by precious102602/19/09
:evil: i am stumped, nothing makes sense anymore. The longest word in the Alphabet is ? I want to behave and be accepted, Today. This teaser is confusing, perplexing and lacks logic, yet I want to understand the riddle "your" way. :evil: I just don't 8) See it. :o

Posted by tamjp02/20/09
narmo as phrebh said in the answer ghi (ghee) is clarified butter

Posted by ObamaGirl02/20/09
Wow, I actually get it (and I NEVER get it :) ) Good teaser :D

Posted by jazzyca702/28/09
i dont get it! :-?

Posted by JessicaG03/02/09
I agree, this teaser needs to be written a little better I think. I'm not even sure how it got through the moderators actually. The concept is a good one, but it leave the reader perplexed.

Posted by Kiyoko03/05/09
Yeah, I thought it was "alphabet" too. ^_^;

Posted by reggie5704/03/09
really cute!!!! :D

Posted by bradon18200104/18/09
You really tricked me. Nice one. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by ivrum4878604/23/09
what was the pun in the title's relation to the answer? i'm a little slow i guess.

Posted by mepapa05/21/09
the pun is that ghi is clarified butter. I get it. def is a new word but it's no longer than ghi..... but in this day and age Def is probably more common. so I would have to agree about the edit on this one... fun is always the key :P :P :P :P

Posted by Cindzey06/29/09
I agree with smcoren... How do you spell w? double yew. dubbau double u

Posted by yanksgirl07/06/09
how come there wasn't anything mentioning consecutive?? you can't assume everyone would interpret the ? the same way

Posted by npf200507/26/09
Don't assume yanksgirl, bad things might happen :o Nice teaser, I enjoyed it even if others didn't :)

Posted by EdWaRdLuVeR_91807/30/09
Good one! I didn't get it. :lol:

Posted by doodinthemood09/02/09
You can get "almost" by covering up bits of the alphabet. Good question though.

Posted by kittygirl1909/15/09
ghi yum 8)

Posted by TheBrainBender10/06/09
The teaser didn't mention anything about the letter of the words having to be consecutive. A trick teaser would say that the word 'word' would always be the same length, one can't be longer than the other. That was confusing.

Posted by Wittykittymi10/20/09
I agree with Tamip. You could have used 'found in the alphabet'.... it was a little funny though. and do you know that a title should be mainly related to what you are talking about in your trick? Well... if you think you knew, i think then that I'm really tricked. Harhar. Sorry :(

Posted by sashomarine01/15/10
Sigh, another one of these longest words... There are always so many answers... :-?

Posted by beyonce12302/15/10
agree with smcoren

Posted by 4wheels04/30/10
That was way to hard to get :wink:

Posted by coinjar87605/10/10
I still don't get it...... :cry:

Posted by Benjiboo11/18/11
xdbcp me too :o

Posted by kitty-cat10/28/12
I thought it was "alphabet," the longest word in "the english alphabet..." :-? :roll:

Posted by ismartguy09/15/14

Posted by ismartguy09/15/14
Kamon Uso? :D

Posted by Valannin10/17/14
The problem with this is that "Ghi" isn't a word. Clarified butter is spelled "ghee" when using English letters. It might be pronounced "ghi" in Bengali, but Bengali doesn't use the English alphabet. If you're going to use foreign words, then "Stuv" (Swedish for "stove") is the longest word in the English alphabet.


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