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A juggler must perform a trick in which he crosses a narrow bridge juggling 3 balls. He weighs 80 kg and each one of the balls weighs 10 kg. However, the bridge can hold only 100 kg before breaking. The lion tamer said that as long as he kept one ball in the air, the bridge won't collapse. Is he correct?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Nerine02/25/09
Good one!! :D Knew the 3rd law, guessed that the lion tamer was wrong but couldn't put it into words... Yay for SCIENCE!! :lol: 8)

Posted by braingle10002/25/09
poor juggler. :(

Posted by megabreath02/25/09
Poor bridge. :wink:

Posted by ttt314202/25/09
What's under the bridge, anyways?

Posted by megabreath02/26/09
Well the juggler is now. :wink:

Posted by tamjp02/26/09
ditto what Nerine said entertaining visual imagery made a dry scientific teaser fun thanks

Posted by tamjp02/26/09
perhaps the lions are under the bridge :evil: :o :wink: :lol:

Posted by wisteriastorm02/28/09
I got it without the hint, but i said that when he catches the ball the force would cause him to go over the weight limit.(i'm thinking thought that could be disputed, therefore making yours more accurate =]) great teaser

Posted by AndrewWalker03/07/09
easy but great teaser! :wink:

Posted by Shadows03/09/09
I can't believe it took six years for this to be submitted. It's almost a classic! :lol: Right now, I'm trying to picture an 80 kg fatso juggling bowling balls. :o I have to try juggling those sometime . . .

Posted by Deedee12304/01/09
Who makes a bridge w/ only a 100 kg limit?

Posted by Deedee12304/01/09
And who weighs 80 Kg?

Posted by Paladin04/09/09
Scientifically found teaser and correct answer. Very fun!

Posted by bradon18200104/19/09
Interesting teaser. I'll have to take your word for the answer, though. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by UptheHill08/06/09
:D Nice one, keep them coming!!! 8)

Posted by skuxdux09/02/09
ummm it was kind of boraang :lol:

Posted by doctapeppaman08/28/10
The average male weight in the United States is actually over 80kg.

Posted by JQPublic09/28/10
It's hope the juggler either doesn't listen to the lion tamer or loses weight!

Posted by lyckzx12/07/10
I got ur point eventhough it's quite confusing..i suggest you put ur computations on how u come up on ur conclusion..& oh, let me remind u that kg is only a unit for weight & not for force..anyways, it's still a good teaser..keep it up!..

Posted by AgKKR2003/04/11
Easy that right in the first attempt...but thanks for submitting... :)

Posted by SRB_180710/14/11
good one man ....

Posted by marcuslikespie08/27/12
What if he juggled nearly straight horizontal? I juggle that way sometimes, and I don't think the force to throw would affect the bridge.

Posted by RICHARDYAMA09/17/16
Ummm, there has been billions of people throughout history weighing 200 kilograms(kg). One kg = 2.2 pounds. 80kg x 2.2 = 176 pounds.


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