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Rachael Ray Quotes III

Submitted By:chittermouse3
Fun:** (1.95)
Difficulty:** (1.82)

Can you decipher these quotes from Rachael Ray? (The hint gives all the vowels.)

"K'b s ugpwx inkwhucf. K jsv'h bszc jgttcc, K jsv'h dszc sva K jsv'h inkwhuc. Hncfc. K'b gphca, gv suu uclcuw."

"Xgp jsv nslc s igvacftpu, bpjn dchhcf mpsukhx gt uktc hnsv xgp hnkvz. Xgp fcsuux ag hnkvz xgp ucsa s fkjn uktc kt xgp ag wgbchnkvy sw wkbouc sw bszkvy akvvcf tgf xgpfwcut. Xgp agv'h nslc hg dc ucth gph gt svxhnkvy. Bsxdc xgp jsv'h whsx kv hnc tklc-whsf wpkhc, bsxdc xgp jsv epwh wkh kv hnc jgjzhsku ugpvyc sva uggz sh hnc dcsphktpu lkci, dph xgp jsv whkuu yg hncfc."

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by UptheHill03/11/09
Yay, I'm the first to comment, what the heck was that all about??

Posted by dancingd303/11/09
wat u mean wat the heck was that all about? it was a cryptogram of some Rachel Ray quotes. luv her! shes almost done 500 episodes!

Posted by chittermouse303/11/09
i think she means that the quotes are difficult to's just funny or inspiring things that Rachael has said.

Posted by sun_shine04/29/09
Hey your vovels themselves don't match. If p=0 then why is that in you which is orginally Xgp p=u. and g=o

Posted by bradon18200104/30/09
Cryptography teasers aren't my favorite, but enjoyed this one. You did a great job Mousey. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by Tri_Trunks01/31/15
I don't get this puzzle please help!


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