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Letter Change

Submitted By:Jarhead
Fun:** (1.82)
Difficulty:* (0.68)

How can you take two T's to make an I?
How can you take two O's and make an 8?
How can you take two D's to make a B?
How can you take two V's to make an X?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by JrWriter03/21/09
This was pretty easy, a little too easy. May I suggest making the hint a little more subtle?

Posted by Paladin03/24/09
Was extremely easy without the hint, but still fun. Nice job.

Posted by Nerine03/24/09
Was easy- maybe changing the hint would be good? great teaser though! :D

Posted by bradon18200104/30/09
I didn't find it easy. Nice teaser. Thanks for posting.

Posted by zigthepig06/09/09
Didn't need the hint, but that was clever :D


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