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Invisible Pattern

Submitted By:Lord_Hawk
Fun:** (1.81)
Difficulty:** (1.49)

What comes in A and B?

13, 32, 28, 84, A, 67, 79, 90, 05, B, 13, 32...

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by xdbtcp04/24/09
Interesting - I got it right, but I just noticed that the first digit of each number was the last digit of the previous number.... 8)

Posted by Paladin04/24/09
I solved this by knowing that the numbers next to each other were the same. Fun teaser nonetheless.

Posted by Hadleigh04/26/09
It was a fun teaser albeit pretty easy. No need for a hint. :D

Posted by Nerine05/01/09
Confusing at first but the hint gave it away. Even if it was easy I still wouldn't have got it though; I'm hopeless at sequences! :wink: :laugh: :D

Posted by bradon18200105/02/09
Good teaser. Well thought out and fun to work. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by racoonieboy08/05/10
A more suitable answer would be: The first digit of any number is the same as the second digit before it. I don't think the eleven thingy makes any sense.


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