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3 different families went to the Fourth of July picnic in their town of Fernpot. The Annual Parade and Picnic of Fabulous Fernpot was famous for miles around for being perfect, but something went wrong! The Lloyds, the Cosytens, and the Dungbungs all mixed up their stuff. Can you figure out whose basket, blanket, and 4th of July banner is whose?

1. The Lloyd's son was best friends with the checked blanket owner and the canvas basket owner.
2. The ones who own the flag are not the Dungbungs.
3. The Cosyten family has the "Go America!" banner.
4. The Lloyds think patterns are much too exciting, so they have a beige blanket.
5. The Cosytens do not have the canvas basket.
6. Before the picnic, the Dungbungs realized that their blanket was stained, so they bought a new one that was striped.
7. Mrs. Lloyd grew up on a farm and she made her family's basket out of something that horses eat.

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