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Cake Carelessness

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Four people were celebrating birthdays on April 4th. They all ordered cakes from Caketown. The only problem is, the baker mixed up all of the orders! Can you figure out who ordered what?

1. For his topping, Felipe realized he needed to buy something to make it bright.
2. Kat ordered glaze.
3. The color of Kat's cake is the color of a vanilla bean.
4. The cake that Jane ordered is named after the game in which the players roll glass spheres around.
5. The one whose cake is frosted like a donut has berries.
6. Similar to confetti, Jane loves these toppings on her cake.
7. Ever read the Swiss Family Robinson? What they used to treat animals' wounds is what Timmy's frosting tastes like. It's similar to margarine.
8. The Mexican man loves the taste of vanilla, so that's the frosting he picked.
9. Easter is almost here! The one who has dripping wax wants his cake the color of chicks.
10. Timmy loves flowers. He also loves rich, yummy cake that has a name like what you measure weight with.

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