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Mix-up at School

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At school, there were six substitutes one day. Unfortunately, the list containing the teachers' names, the subject they teach, and who the substitutes are was mixed up. Each item is in the correct column, but only 1 entry in each column is in the correct order. Using the clues below, can you the match the teacher to the subject and find out who the substitute is?

Teacher Subject Substitute
Cambell Math Green
Reese English Johnson
Holloman Art Cutler
Dixon P.E. Moss
Meeks Spanish Dail
Hall Foods Dills

1) Art is 2 places below Moss, but only 1 below Meeks.
2) Cutler is 2 places above Foods, but only 1 below Holloman.
3) Dail is somewhere below P.E., which is somewhere below Reese.
4) Hall is 2 places below English, which is 1 place above Green.
5) Cambell is somewhere below Art which is somewhere above Dills.

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Posted by tonjawithaj05/19/09
This one is stumping me...I can't seem to get through it without resorting to brute force. I can't even seem to get a grid to work. Hmmmmmm...It's a challenge! :D


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