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Computerebus 3

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:** (1.91)
Difficulty:** (2.1)

Similar to a rebus, the following computer program conceals a statement, phrase, term, or word.

Per this computer program, what does the variable Y represent?

Today = GetDate();
Who[1].FirstName = John;
Who[1].LastName = Brawn;
Who[1].Born = 8 March 1954;
Who[1].Married = 25 August 1979;
Y = Today - Who[1].Born;

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by bradon18200105/23/09
Very clever. I didn't get it, but really enjoyed this rebus. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by xdbtcp05/26/09
was thinking something like Who[1].life, so maybe 'wonderful life' or something...quite a stretch! :-?

Posted by xdbtcp05/26/09
sorry - meant Who[1].FullLife

Posted by Paladin05/26/09
Cute and fun teaser.


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