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Missing Word #7

Submitted By:StewieGriffin
Fun:** (1.81)
Difficulty:** (1.88)

Can you figure out what four-letter word, when used to fill the blanks below, will create five new words?

Cow_ _ _ _
King_ _ _ _
Rifle_ _ _ _
Hang_ _ _ _
Cat_ _ _ _

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by bradon18200105/24/09
Good one Stewie. I learned the name of a new bird. Never heard of a riflebird until now. Thanks for posting. :o

Posted by snowmonster05/24/09
Very cute! I enjoy these teasers a lot. Not too hard, but fun!!!! :D

Posted by StewieGriffin05/24/09
WOW thanks for the nice comment snow. :D


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