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There are so many words. If you take the letters found in the word RELATIONSHIPS, using the clues below, can you figure out the words that can be made?

1. Worsted fabric woven with very fine lines or stripes.
2. To breath in, draw breath.
3. The point in a planet or comet's orbit where it is the furthest from the sun.
4. A single particle of ice falling from a cloud.
5. A nonflowering plant from the genus Equisetum.
6. A soft white, cubic mineral, NaCl.
7. Another name for an actor or actress.
8. Mean; treacherous; harmful.
9. To coat or plate in platinum.
10. Belonging geographically to southern Asia and the Malay Archipeligo.
11. An institution where sick or injured people are given treatment.
12. A landing place for helicopters, usually on a roof.

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