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Anagrams #1

Submitted By:gymboy09
Fun:** (1.76)
Difficulty:* (0.76)

Unscramble these anagrams to form other words. The theme is sports.
#1 - En Snit
#2 - Scams Tying
#3 - Flog
#4 - Gob Nix

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by rt181905/31/09
This teaser wasn't the hardest one I've ever seen, but a good one to wake my brain up. :)

Posted by ShelbyElizabeth05/31/09
Pretty good but I think it could have been better. It's a little misleading to have spaces in the puzzle. At first I thought that meant that the answer was supposed to have two words as well. Perhaps you should indicate that just because there is a space in the puzzle does not mean that there is one in the answer.

Posted by bradon18200105/31/09
Fairly easy, but still fun. Thanks for posting. :o


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