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In a magazine article, three popular TV personalities talk about their time in college, studying for careers that they never pursued after getting into television. Can you piece together the full name, TV job, and area studied of each woman?

1. It wasn't Donna who was trained as a teacher.

2. Ms. Knight was an actress in the film "Magic".

3. Laura is a news anchor.

4. Susan Niven never had any ambition to be a nurse.

5. It isn't the one-time student teacher who now presents current affairs programs.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by safire219107/12/09
Highly misleading in terms of career choices where one individual is a news anchor and another is a "presenter of current events"

Posted by ScoutMan07/13/09
I just want to know where the last name of "Robins comes from, since I don't see it in the teaser.

Posted by june1207/23/09
i got it but found it confusing :roll:

Posted by chunnie09/13/09
exactly... "Robins" didn't appear anywhere except in the answer

Posted by mathisnice05/29/10
Yeah, but it appears in the solver, so it must be something you have to solve using process of elimination? Not really sure. Found the teaser very confusing. :doubt:

Posted by Hello2601/27/15
I got it... :D But like what?! Made no sense until I went to the grid solver... Shoulda made it more obvious. Duh! :roll: :-?


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