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Submitted By:eggface
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Many 'Situation Puzzles' are not designed to be answered by themselves. The idea is for one person to know the answer and other people in a group to try and guess it using yes or no questions. The first person to get the answer is the winner.
A family of four went on an aeroplane to Australia. Although all four of them went on the same plane, only three tickets were purchased. How come?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by crocodile07/22/09
:D WooHoo I'm the first!!!!!!!!!! :D Anyway, I am flying all the time so this was easy for me. Fun though!!!

Posted by ltstar10707/23/09
easy :D fun though

Posted by cocorox62007/24/09
OOh hahah i thought it would be something about Frequent Flier miles, but HONESTLY, that was another consideration of mine, a younger child :P

Posted by Vivica07/25/09
That was one of my answers! The other one was that the second child wasn't born yet...

Posted by GebbieRose07/26/09
^That's a clever answer! :D

Posted by lissiclown07/29/09
i was thinking one of the parents was a pilot or flight attendent. good teaser!

Posted by happyhak07/30/09
too easy...

Posted by solarsistim32108/06/09
I also thought someone was pregnant!! :D

Posted by Paladin08/07/09
Good teaser, but too many possible answers. My thought was that one of the parents was the pilot.

Posted by 1117141308/17/09
would a Siamese twin work for this one?

Posted by paratwiloverr09/05/09
that was easyyy :)

Posted by coolkcoolk10/28/09
got it! clever one :lol:

Posted by megapig11/03/09
easy and quite boring..

Posted by kingofda80812/01/09
kinda easy..lyk really..but i lyk these ones so doea my 8)

Posted by Flamey50001/03/10
Really easy. :P

Posted by gargph01/27/10
I thought it was either A. one of the family members works on theplane B. someone was pregnant C. One of them was smuggled :lol:

Posted by Anmool06/20/10
aha, those are funny answers. I got the answer in 4 seconds. A long story why, actually,

Posted by Marple08/23/10
:-? Boring, boring boring!

Posted by No_Eyed_Fsh11/12/10
WOOHOO! I actually got it right!

Posted by princess200703/08/11
EASY! I've spent half my life flying around so it was like -duh-. :D

Posted by donaldtrumpet05/20/12
Is it bad that I thought the woman was pregnant?

Posted by dance28709/22/12
I had other ideas for the answer.. 1. One of the adults is the pilot 2. One person was smuggled But that answer works too!


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