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Five Cousins

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.85)
Difficulty:**** (3.34)

Five cousins are celebrating New Year's Day. Using the following clues, determine each person's age, birth date, and birth time.

Names: Alvin, Donna, Jerry, Laura, Steve (Donna and Laura are girls)
Ages: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32
Months: February, May, June, August, October
Dates: 9th, 11th, 15th, 29th, 31st
Times: 6:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 7:00 PM

1) Two of the boys were born in a leap year.
2) Neither girl was born in the morning.
3) Both girls were born in the first half of the month.
4) One of the boys was born three hours later in the day than one of the girls.
5) No one celebrated a golden birthday last year, and no one will celebrate a golden birthday this year.
6) The five people are: Alvin, the person who is 32 years old, the person born in August, the person born on the 11th, and the person born at 9:00 AM.
7) The person born at 6:00 AM is older than the girl born on the 15th, who is older than the boy born in October.
8) Jerry was born earlier in the year than the person born on the 11th, who was born earlier in the year than the person who is 28 years old.
9) The person born in May was born earlier in the month than the person born at 7:00 PM, who was born earlier in the month than the person who is 30 years old.
10) The person born on the 29th was born earlier in the day than the person who is 31 years old, who was born earlier in the day than the person born in June.
11) Steve and Donna have the two closest birthdays.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jhosek07/30/09
Very well constructed. It was a challenge but workable. Great job!! :D :wink:

Posted by GebbieRose07/30/09
It was a workout for my feeble brain, but I loved it! :D

Posted by cunningrat07/31/09
Steve and Donna have the two closest birthdays only if you ignore the year. If you take the year into account, it is Alvin and Donna.

Posted by grilled_cheese308/04/09
that was hard. my brain hurts now.LOL :lol:

Posted by lesliep7287508/10/09
Wow, that was difficult. I have no idea how many times I tried to solve it, but I eventually did. Still not to sure how I did it. Nice job!

Posted by valencia08/11/09
thats teaser really made me teaser though

Posted by mocha61312/23/09
GREAT work. Thanks!

Posted by chriscat10/23/10
A nice challenge -- had to restart a couple of times, due to some carelessness in filling in the grid. But where does the "golden birthday" thing come from? I'm 62 years old and had never heard the term -- had to google to find out what it meant. Is this some invention of the gold cartel to sell more gold jewelry?

Posted by mom_rox01/02/11
cnmne, another excellent puzzle! I had to sleep on this one to fill in those last squares the next morning. Great concept with the leap year scenario - made my brain work a little harder to incorporate that. I concur with chriscat's commnet about the "golden birthday" definition. I had never heard of it either and had to look it up. (If you're able to edit the puzzle, please include the definition in the main challenge clues.)

Posted by mom_rox01/02/11
Addressing cunningrat's comments about the birthday's near each other: I'll often hear people express, "Oh, we have the same birthday" when they are obviously different ages.

Posted by roseyb7501/02/12
Enjoyed this one! :)

Posted by J-Five03/30/12
It was a big pain I had to "check" the answers,

Posted by zentraveler09/05/12
good puzzle, thank you. I really enjoyed the leap year element.

Posted by extremeblueness07/16/13
That. Was HARD. I had to restart several times, and I usually get these on my first try, even the hard ones (I program as a hobby, am on my school's math team, excel in a game called go, and can solve these puzzles faster than anyone I know). So kudos to you!

Posted by LanceAlot05/13/16
Whewwww. That was tough. Basically it all boils down to gender determination. Thanks for the puzzle!

Posted by dreamlvr143201/28/17
Great LG! Really tough but keeps me thinking. The only problem I have is that I can't see where you figure that the 29th is in Feb (see hints). Just because someone is born in a leap year, does not mean they were necessarily born on Leap Day and nowhere in the clues does it state that.

Posted by grace31703/28/17
Agreed with dreamlvr1432, great puzzle but the jump to 29th February seemed like a giant leap in logic! (pardon the pun). Would have loved a more detailed explanation on point 6 as well.

Posted by grace31703/28/17
Oops - also this point: It has been established that the person who is 28 was born on October 31st


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