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There are so many words. If you take the letters found in the word DICTIONARY, using the clues below, can you figure out the words that can be made?

1. Extremely caustic, sharply stinging, or bitter.
2. A person employed at a carnival.
3. Utterly senseless or foolish behavior.
4. A small mountain pool.
5. A piece of metal stamped and issued for use as money.
6. A daily, usually private record of a person's thoughts and/or experiences.
7. Having a rank, stale smell or taste.
8. Any positively charged atom or atoms.
9. A confection made with sugar or syrup, often combined with fruit, nuts, or chocolate.
10. A judicial assertion; a maxim.
11. A black and white predatory whale.
12. The lowest point; greatest despair.

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