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Submitted By:JACK_IN4
Fun:** (1.9)
Difficulty:* (0.53)

Three kids have three new video games on different systems and made in different years. Find out which game belongs to whom, what system it's for, and what year it was made.

Sally has a 1996 Video game.
Bob doesn't have Yourlefty.
Nathan has a 2009 game.
Rapidspider wasn't made in 2007.
Nathan doesn't have a Nintendo 64.
Bob has a Playstaytion 3.
Sawer isn't a Wii game.
Rapidspider is an old game.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by J-Five08/09/09
When it says Rapidspider is an old game it should say oldest.

Posted by JACK_IN408/10/09
Agreed! :D

Posted by MegRen08/24/09
Very easy. There is also a pattern in the grid. Once I figured out the pattern in 2 of the squares, I guessed what the rest of the answers were, and I was right.

Posted by pierlejna09/07/09
Didn't mind the logic in this puzzle. Not bad... Very Easy!! :D

Posted by Merrihootai09/25/09
You also don't need the second to last clue. very realistic situation, though.

Posted by animallover200011/21/09
I personally thought it was kinda tricky.... Well, good that the names are made up. Hahaz.

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
what does the hint have to do with anything?

Posted by JACK_IN406/09/10
It doesn't, its there so you don't waste time looking up the names of those. But yea, i guess it was pointless. :-?


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