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Greed is Good!

Submitted By:addspras
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Two stockbrokers, Mr. Greed and Mr. Avarice, hold stocks of Company Gordon and Company Gekko respectively. Both stockbrokers sell their respective stocks of Company Gordon and Company Gekko for $1000 each. Stockbroker Mr. Greed calculates his profit based on cost price while Stockbroker Mr. Avarice calculates his profit based on selling price. While both claim to their clients to have made 25% profit, who is really hoodwinking his client and who has actually made more money for his client?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by addspras08/30/09
this is my first teaser, please be gentle ! :D

Posted by pating09/03/09
I'm a little lost with the terms! :roll:

Posted by stil12/24/09
The only tease involved comes from the goo of international grammar. "His profit" for "his client's profit." "Cost price" for "purchase price." Once gain and margin are sorted out, the tease evaporates.

Posted by teddy506/18/10
greed=bad yousay:greed=good DuDe! :roll: :XD:


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