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Dinner Dilema

Submitted By:twin27
Fun:*** (2.21)
Difficulty:* (0.51)

Four boys walk into a diner and ask the waitress for "the usual", but the waitress has forgotten who gets what! Can you help her find out by using what she does remember?

1. Jon did not eat the sandwich or burger.
2. The person who ate the burger had orange soda.
3. Bill had cherry soda.
4. Eli did not have orange soda.
5. The person with the sandwich and the person with the salad have the same number of letters in their name.
6. The person who had the sandwich did not have the strawberry soda.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by pierlejna09/07/09
This was easy, but had a nice bit of logic. Not bad all... keep 'em coming!!

Posted by khetu09/11/09
you haven't mentioned the name "danny" in the question!

Posted by twin2709/11/09
Yes, but it is in the pre-made grid. So, we know there's a 'danny'.

Posted by aenubis09/12/09
Very fun, easy but fun I like these, especially when I only have a few moments to look and I like getting them right 8)

Posted by Merrihootai09/28/09
Easy, but definitely fun. :D good teaser.

Posted by ddysgrl121910/07/09
i love the easy ones!!! it requires less thinking :D ha ha. the hard ones arent very fun. nice teaser!!!

Posted by june1210/24/09
i liked it :wink:

Posted by piggy424211/18/09
it wasnt that bad

Posted by animallover200011/21/09
I got kinda stumped after I went through the clues. But, still got 10/10. Got one!:) Like it! Rated it 4 star!

Posted by animallover200011/21/09
*good one!*

Posted by roseylili11/28/09
perfect, but a tiny bit easy

Posted by noomeek10/12/10

Posted by annalynn111/25/10
It was pretty fun, but really easy! :)

Posted by srigimi302/04/11
YEA!!! I GOT IT!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D


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