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Submitted By:AndrewWalker
Fun:*** (2.56)
Difficulty:** (1.85)

Sven, a wise man and a big time bet taker, was walking along when he came across Tommy. Sven wanted to make a quick buck so he said to Tommy, "I bet you $4,500 that you won't be able to stop accelerating in your car, after 10 seconds to get up to speed, on this circular track."

"Well, Sven, I'll take that bet. I just hope you don't cry too hard when I take your money."

So Tommy got his brand new red Porsche up to 90 mph and put it on cruise control. After four laps, he came up to Sven and paid him the $4,500. Why?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by CANNONBALL10/03/09
Great teaser. I'm studying this in physics so quite easy for me. :D

Posted by nima_m10/18/09
great one , i could solve it , cuz im good at physics :)

Posted by dalfamnest10/19/09
Good one! I remembered enough Physx too. :wink:

Posted by coolkcoolk11/05/09
well done! learned this last year :o

Posted by gargph11/17/09
Wow.. I was never good at science.. probably cause I haven't really learned it since Grade 3 :D:D

Posted by brain2312/18/09
But couldn't Tommy have braked his car, and then it would stop, meaning it wouldn't accelerate? Oh, and how do you hand someone $4,500 instantly? :lol:

Posted by precious102604/09/10
Using CC would automatically mean the car would slow or reduce its speed, never reaching the time limit of ten seconds. :wink: Better than I could do, good teaser

Posted by Camillee10/03/10
Good job!!

Posted by Musical174001/24/11
Good one! I didn't get the answer, but you explained very nicely. Then I got it. :D :D :D :D

Posted by princess200703/07/11

Posted by BeanSC07/15/11
Very nice!

Posted by JQPublic11/28/11
Wow! I should be careful when using the word 'accelerate' next time.

Posted by LanceAlot09/27/15
Angular acceleration


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