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Submitted By:weizhong
Fun:*** (2.49)
Difficulty:** (1.57)

I was a conqueror of empires,
One with Greek desires,
It wasn't Greece where I was born,
In fact they looked at me with scorn.

I preserved their ways,
By creating a Greek craze,
I introduced a Greek Age,
Greece was no longer in a cage.

I crushed the Grecians,
I destroyed the Persians,
I freed the Egyptians,
Then, I defeated the Indians.

But soon, I felt ill,
Alas, I had no time for a will,
After I died, the empire divided,
Into Egyptian, Greek, and Seleucid.

My death was unfortunate,
None could match my wit,
But now that I am dead (sigh),
The question is, who am I?

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