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Missing Word...3

Submitted By:cutegagangel
Fun:** (1.93)
Difficulty:* (0.52)

Figure out the missing word based on the clues below.

_____ vision goggles
_____ at the Museum

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by coolkcoolk10/26/09
it was pretty easy, but good teaser. the ____ at the museum gave it away :O.

Posted by crocodile01/18/10
What if you were living the nightlife at nighttime and saw Night At The Museum while wearing night vision goggles? And if the movie gave you a nightmare afterwards??? Ba-dum-dum-Ksssshhhh! (In case you were concerned, the movie isn't really that scary.)

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
got it but it took me a minute.

Posted by MagicPurple12/28/10
The hint gave it away...


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