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Submitted By:jtolley
Fun:*** (2.63)
Difficulty:**** (3.14)

Below are 10 sets of letters that correspond to one of 10 clues. Your goal is to find a common word or name that is formed by adding one of the sets of letters to a word given by the clue. For instance, if the set of letters was "NETE" and the clue was "Add a joke to get a planet" your answer would be NePtUNe. Note that the letter order in the sets of letters and in the clues must be the same. Additionally, clues can refer to any set of letters; it is your job to determine which clue refers to which set of letters.


1. Add a saying to get a protective adhesive
2. Add a problem to get groups of biological cells
3. Add draft animals to get an element
4. Add a "Super Smash Bros." character to get a toy
5. Add a vocal action to get part of a classic King novel
6. Add a city to get grassy areas
7. Add a crime to get a president
8. Add a school item to get a school item
9. Add "Pennywise the Dancing clown" to get a bean
10. Add a car tool to get an article of clothing

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Posted by Nymphadora31311/29/09
Oh my goodness :) I really liked this! Even though I only got 4 of the answers before I just couldn't think anymore!! lol... I might suggest maybe narrowing some possibilities-Maybe instead of "Super Smash Bros Character," you could use "Zelda Character" (Just because there are SO many super smach bros ones! And especially since we don't even know which letter combos go with which might help a little) I did really like this though! It was very challenging and that was definitely refreshing :D Great Job!!!


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