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Submitted By:Shadows
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:* (0.5)

Reds and oranges, purples too
Set against the deepest blue
Now and then a golden ray
What a colourful display!

Sit outside and have a rest
Point your eyes toward the west
Beauty waits for you and me
What do you think you will see?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by westbrook11/28/09
I got that! Good one!! :D :D

Posted by braingle10012/02/09
thought it was a rainbow :oops:

Posted by dswilborn12/04/09
Easy, but a beautiful ode to one of God's favorite ways to paint.

Posted by missmaia12/17/09
second one i got without cheating oh yeah !!!!!!!

Posted by Ouchy112/21/09
Easy, but very nice in poem form.

Posted by precious102602/12/10
Simply Beautiful...

Posted by mathisnice02/20/10
Good teaser, though I got the answer by reading the first two lines about the colors.

Posted by coolkit4202/26/10
that was so easy

Posted by avonma03/29/10
Easy, but well-written. :D

Posted by bear0103/29/10
beautiful..thank you! :P

Posted by craniac03/29/10
An easy one, very pretty, Thanks.

Posted by crazy10man03/29/10
It was a trifle easy, but I enjoyed the poetry, too!

Posted by doehead03/29/10
Nicely written. Much to easy. :oops: :roll: :-?

Posted by auntiesis03/29/10
Very well written Shadows. Easy , but lovely. Thank you. :D :D :D

Posted by sunnybonghits03/29/10
I don't get the point of this one at all. It's a poem that literally describes a sunset - there is no thinking involved. Pretty dumb.

Posted by jcann03/29/10
I agree that it was much too easy. I looked back up at the category to see if it was a trick. But I also agree that it was very pretty.

Posted by patiencewithaP03/29/10
Easy but very well written! :D

Posted by Montie31703/29/10
kinda pretty for a poem, but not really a riddle at all

Posted by sashomarine03/29/10
Bravo at that poetry! Loved the poem, you should make it a riddle, :lol: .

Posted by BeanSC03/29/10
Easy but very nice poem about a wonderful and beautiful subject!

Posted by LogicalRoger03/29/10
Wow, Shadows, you weren't kidding. This one's really easy. I got it from the first line. :lol: Oh well, decent poetry and I assume you've done harder ones since then. Congrats on Teaser of the Day.

Posted by JQPublic10/20/10
It's so very easy, yet I love the rhyme!

Posted by Knightingale07/16/14
Truly poetic. Looking forward to your other brain teasers :)


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