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Missing Letters IV

Submitted By:GreenApples27
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:* (0.55)

What same three letters fit into the following five combinations to form 5 words?

_ _ _ E F
F A _ _ _ C
D E _ _ _ S
H Y _ _ _ D
L U _ _ _ C A N T

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by coolkcoolk12/13/09
got it! Nice

Posted by canse91212/15/09
The first teaser I've ever gotten without even peeking at a hint! Not that your teaser is abnormally easy- it's great!

Posted by missmaia12/17/09
this was so easy it is like the easiest one ever it wasnt that challenging but i like having to think for a few seconds :P

Posted by scallio06/28/10
A bit easy, but a lot of fun. Nice when they aren't all super hard. :D

Posted by bear0106/28/10
Love it .. i must seek out your other ovnes - not seen I, II and III.. hehe..:)

Posted by gaylewolf06/28/10
That was a good one! :) If it weren't for HY_ _ _ D, it would have taken me a while to figure it out! Thanks! :D

Posted by doehead06/28/10
Good one for the under 12 crowd. Way too easy for the adults. :o :o :o

Posted by bradon18200106/28/10
I did have to think about it for a bit before it came to me. Good job GA. Thanks for posting.

Posted by Starriddler06/28/10
I thought about it for a while, but when I saw LU___CANT I knew it.

Posted by SSSnowTiger06/28/10
The last one kind of gave it away, otherwise I'd probably never have guessed it.

Posted by FatHead06/28/10
I disagree with canse912, it WAS dead easy. Fun, though! :lol:

Posted by bestgirl06/28/10
I found the instructions a little unclear. I didn't know if it had to be the same three letters and in the same order. I see it did, but that was unclear to me.

Posted by sunnybonghits06/28/10
Wow...that was easy....

Posted by M210106/28/10
I thought that HY_ _ _D became HYDRID. :-? :doubt: :doubt: :roll: But good one though! :D :) 8) :lol:

Posted by phyllisa06/28/10
Fun! The last word made it easy!

Posted by wordmama06/28/10
Took literally 3 seconds to get, but I loved it! Thx! :D

Posted by patiencewithaP06/28/10
Fun! Got it with hybrid. Great teaser! :D

Posted by juju194606/28/10
I agree with Doehead. I've only done this for a few days. They seem pretty easy, so far. Hoping this isn't the permanent level of difficulty.

Posted by Starkiller06/28/10
I love the these kinda of puzzles, it's fun :D

Posted by craniac06/28/10
I agree with bestgirl. It wasn't clear to me that the three letters had to be the exact same ones, arranged in the same order, in every case. I thought the three letters might be different in each instance. (The last two words should have tipped me off, but they didn't.)

Posted by Shadows06/28/10
Teaser of the Day, huh? Good job. :wink:

Posted by GreenApples2706/28/10
OMG! I got teaser of the day!! :D Thanks, Shadows. Sorry guys if it was confusing.. or too easy. But yay, I got a teaser of the day :D

Posted by Akao08/04/11
Very good but if you want to make it more challenging take out hybrid. There aren't too many words that start with hy, end with d, and are 6 letters long. Even within that list, there are virtually none other than hybrid that are commonly known.

Posted by Babe06/28/13
That did not take long at all. I prefer these to the ones I have to struggle with and they end up with a lame answer. This one was easy, but fun! :D :D :D

Posted by thecatladycac06/28/13
I skimmed over the (partial) words and got it with hybrid (I see many others did the same). Fun quiz even if it was pretty easy. :D :lol: :D

Posted by jaycr06/28/13
_ _ _ LLIANT ! :wink: Have a good weekend everyone.

Posted by HABS293306/28/13
I too skimmed the list, saw HYBRID and LUBRICANT and figured it out pretty quickly. I don't understand those who said the instructions were unclear - it said in the first sentence that they were the same 3 letters. For those complaining about it being too easy - as has been pointed out before this site is for people of all ages and backgrounds, some of whom speak English as a 2nd or 3rd language. Easy for some is not easy for all. Knowing GA, I know how old he is (and by using simple math, how old he was in 2009 (when the teaser made its first appearance). Taking that into account, I'd say it was a job well done!

Posted by cutebug06/28/13
I agree with doehead. Good one for the young ones. :D :D

Posted by gaylewolf06/28/13
Liked your comment, jaycr! :wink: :)

Posted by Gospelo_O06/28/13
I believe that was damn easy but nevertheless really fun. Great job:) have a nice weekend:D.

Posted by raisin9906/28/16
just too easy

Posted by Zykezex06/28/16
For a moment I didn't think I was going to get it. Then I looked at the star rating and became concerned. All of a sudden the first one came to me and then I was home free. Liked it.! :)

Posted by tripleteam506/28/16
stroke of luck.. 2nd one jumped out and fit all 10 sec. :o :o


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