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Clowns in the Subway

Submitted By:caberet
Fun:*** (3.02)
Difficulty:*** (3.06)

You are having a nightmare about five clowns in the subway. It is especially confusing because each clown has a tiny car and umbrella, even though you are in an underground public transportation system. Naturally, each clown has a ridiculous wig and a big goofy outfit. There are only five colors in your dream - fuchsia, green, purple, red and yellow. Use the following clues to determine each clown's name (Fuchsia Funny, Green Gravel, Purple Porridge, Red Rascal and Yellow Sub), and color of their car, wig, outfit and umbrella.

1. Each clown's name, car, wig, outfit and umbrella are 5 different colors and no two wigs, outfits or umbrellas are the same color.
2. The only clown whose name does not begin with the same two initials does not have a purple or red outfit; while the clown in the yellow outfit does not have a red car, red wig or a purple umbrella.
3. Red Rascal does not have a yellow wig and Purple Porridge does not have either a fuchsia or yellow umbrella.
4. Of the clown in the green wig and the owner of the red umbrella, one has the purple car and the other is Fuchsia Funny; neither clown has the yellow outfit.
5. The clown in the fuchsia wig is not wearing a green or yellow outfit and does not have a red car (whose driver does not have a green outfit or a green umbrella.)
6. Green Gravel does not have a yellow umbrella or a red car.

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