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How do you change 7 to 11 without doing any math at all?

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Posted by cathalmccabe06/18/02

Posted by bluetwo06/18/02
hehe, according to your answer, you'd end up with "elven"

Posted by Mogmatt1606/18/02
I said watch the clock for 4 hours (From 7:00 to 11:00)

Posted by missie06/18/02
Good one, but adding is math, isn't it?

Posted by curly07/01/02
How about you lay out 4 matches,like so-V11, which is roman numerals for seven. Then simply remove the V leaving 11..!!!

Posted by supermew3007/06/02
I would have said go get a slurpee! [:p

Posted by bmotts08/14/02
If there's one bad "elven" teaser, I haven't heard it!

Posted by mad-ade11/09/02
If there's one bad "elven" teaser, then this is it!!

Posted by Mach311/29/02
If there's one bad "elven" teaser, I've just commented on it.

Posted by speedyg100012/02/02
ok until a certain someone (cough)bmotts(cough) brought up a different subject, i thought that this was going a very nice direction. I like whoever said the toothpick thing, and the slurpee thing was quite clever. You know what, I'm not quite shure what i am trying to say so i will just stop talking now

Posted by horse_luver04/12/03

Posted by jessicag07/01/03
I thought to wait four hours also, but your answer is good. I think you should change the l to a capital L though- it makes more sense.

Posted by luvupurple08/07/03
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++I said that I would just turn the hands of the clock!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -luvupurple

Posted by Katelin11/22/03
It was a good but easy teaser, and the comment s about watching the clock for 4 hours were funny. Keep it up and don't worry about ANY CERTAIN IMMATURE PEOPLE!

Posted by swithie11/13/04
Thats just ridiculous, isn't plus 1 math, well it is in my school :lol:

Posted by swithie11/13/04
Thats just ridiculous, isn't plus 1 math, well it is in my school :lol:

Posted by DummyisDumb02/28/05
:roll: I don't get it. u used math and you got the answer of leven. :wink: JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT. :x NOT!!!!

Posted by froggygg05/11/05
You said by not using math yet you came up with the answer by -s and +l . Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't subtraction and addition still considered math? Your teaser is incorrect. :-? :-? :-?

Posted by sweetime05/31/05
hehehe while i was willing to ignore the fact that maths symbology was used to explain the answer, obviously others weren't. i did however get that you should take the s off and put another e and an l in there (though the l looks strangely like a 1 on my puter)

Posted by triskit06/02/05
last i checked =&- were math and elven isnt eleven but thats just me

Posted by triskit06/02/05
last i checked =&- were math and elven isnt eleven but thats just me

Posted by ElectricYou10/25/05
So many negative comments! Although I do have to agree, math was used. I did like the toothpick answer. However, my answer was to take the top off of the seven and put it next to the other line, making essentially two 1's

Posted by peppamintp12/15/05
Huh, didn't get it

Posted by solarsistim32102/07/06
One time I bought a lion smoothie from 7 11 i like dog cages and severly hungy rhinos eating resteraunts in new zealand

Posted by JessicaLynn05/22/06

Posted by calmsavior05/23/06
this is such a dumb teaser how bout this: put the two 1s in 11 to make 7.

Posted by Linlou18uk06/13/06
electric, that was my thought too! Snap!

Posted by Linlou18uk06/13/06
Good teaser though, well done for trying. maybe better suited in the math section tho

Posted by BPKANERVA07/14/06
Yeah, just erase the 7 and write an 11

Posted by akl2111/18/06
That is letter you ARE doing some math.

Posted by scallio09/11/07
Erasing the top of the 7 and rewriting the line next to the 1 to make 11 is NOT math. It's called writing. Interesting teaser... not my favorite. Sorry. :wink:

Posted by AlexRi3er08/19/08
people it isn't elven. its eleven. seven minus the s makes even. add el to the front and its eleven. But that is math.,

Posted by gottalovetacsc10/17/08
is technically math

Posted by Calehay11/02/08
I assume the correction added the e to make el at the end of the equation.

Posted by jonas11/17/09
Technically wouldn't the adding and subtracting be doing math, even if no numbers are involved?


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